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# Status Priority Subject Author Updated % Done Assignee
1028 Resolved Normal BHPS variables ''drinking'' +''obesity'' Yuting Deng 10/12/2018 04:19 PM

Yuting Deng Actions
997 Resolved Normal how to find the variable ''drinking'' in the BHPS? Yuting Deng 08/14/2018 05:46 PM

Yuting Deng Actions
571 Resolved Normal routing for a_jbhad and b_jbbgd/b_jbbgm/b_jbbgy Zoe Oldfield 10/30/2023 01:42 PM

Zoe Oldfield Actions
428 Closed Normal Adult SC Questionnaire Wave 2 afshin zilanawala 11/09/2015 01:02 PM

afshin zilanawala Actions
578 Closed Normal physical activity data christine roberts 06/23/2016 12:09 PM

christine roberts Actions
543 Closed Normal household income david rhodes 05/10/2016 03:59 PM

david rhodes Actions
522 Closed Normal ukborn? david rhodes 03/22/2016 04:09 PM

david rhodes Actions
527 Closed Normal HoH declan french 04/04/2016 03:49 PM

declan french Actions
1197 Resolved Normal 'inapplicable' category for jbft_dv variable fabiana macor 08/10/2022 11:50 AM

fabiana macor Actions
568 Closed Normal BHPS: analysing results from children who have left the household and matching them to their parents marianne walker 06/02/2016 01:10 PM

marianne walker Actions
876 Closed Normal Cross wave (xwave) variable for parents occupations NSSEC 5 cats? nicola brimblecombe 12/18/2017 02:39 PM

nicola brimblecombe Actions
163 Closed Normal OMS movers, not resident in wave 2 peter tammes 07/11/2013 11:46 AM

peter tammes Actions
553 Closed Normal Measuring highest level of education in both the BHPS and US data vanessa gash 05/10/2016 04:01 PM

vanessa gash Actions
537 Closed Normal Merged File Request zoe young 05/17/2016 02:46 PM

zoe young Actions
2056 Feedback Normal Which weights to use when combining the mainstage and Covid-19 waves of UKHLS James Laurence 02/23/2024 10:16 AM

2035 Resolved Normal Inquiry on the Travel to work area special license data Xinyu Tao 02/23/2024 02:37 PM

2033 Resolved Normal Derived variable on income / earnings of each benefit unit Thomas Stephens 03/21/2024 04:28 PM

2032 Resolved Normal hidp missing from hhresp but present in income, egoalt, indresp files Chris Grollman 02/16/2024 12:45 PM

2027 Resolved Normal jbft_dv variable Yuliya Tavares 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

2025 Resolved Normal expenditure in UKHLS Jane Fry 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

2024 Resolved Normal Death/dead in waves: dcsedfl_dv (Respondent reported as deceased) + dcsedw_dv (Wave respondent deceased) and value labels for waves Alexander Labeit 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

2021 Resolved Normal Question about gor_dv variable Kamil Kadziolka 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

2020 Resolved Normal Reasons for "-8 Inapplicable" response for life satisfaction variable "sclfsato" John Poole 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

2018 Resolved Normal Month migrants came to Britain Michael Mahony 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

2016 Resolved Normal Family connections Stav Federman 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

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