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Universe for macob/pacob in xwavedat

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I'm just wondering why there are missing values for macob/pacob in the xwavedat file? Is there something I'm not understanding about the universe of this question.



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Hi Albert,

M/pacob are asked in the adult questionnaire, so the be biggest group in xwavedat for whom these are missing are children and also respondents who joined the study as children and got to the adult questionnaire as rising 16s (see the universe: e.g. wave 2, If ((ff_ivlolw = 2|3|MIS) & Ff_everint <> 1) // proxy last wave, non-interviewed adult or new entrant never interviewed,
excluding rising 16 year olds). For these groups this information can be linked from the questions answered by parents, ukborn and plbornc. There are some other much smaller groups present in the xwavedat for whom this will be missing (e.g. respondents who were proxies in all waves they participated in), you can work it out from the universe of that question (check the questionnaires as this might have been changing from wave to wave).

I hope it helps.

Best wishes,
Piotr Marzec
UKHLS User Support


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Hi Piotr,

That's great thanks!


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