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1038 Resolved Imputations for savings, investment, debts and housing value Income


Dear support team, I am interested in net worth which I derive from the variables savings, investments, debts (bhps waves 5, 10, 15) and housing net of mortgages. These variables contain a lot of missings or values are reported only in bracket values. A couple of researchers have already calculated imputations for the missing values of these variables. Is there any chance these imputation values can be provided to the research community? Thank you very much for your help. Best, Nora

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From: Müller, Nora
To: Auty, Stephanie
Subject: AW: [Understanding Society User Support - Support #1038] Imputations for savings, investment, debts and housing value

Thanks a lot, Stephanie. I am very much looking forward to your next response. Hopefully with good news =)

And I don't mind if my question and your response are available to other users!

Thanks again and best,

868 Closed wealthassetsanddebt Questionnaire content


Dear staff,

Do you have any information on when the next time data on assets and debt will be collected (the "wealthassetsanddebt" section)?

I would be grateful if you could provide any information on the timing of future collection of these variables.

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Dear Jia,

Please refer to the long term content plan, which you can download here:

This shows that the module you are interested in is part of wave 8, which is currently in field and this data will be released towards the end of next year.

You can also view the questionnaire by clicking the Wave 8 tab here:

Best wishes,
Stephanie Auty - Understanding Society User Support Officer

247 Closed Data on Political Attitudes and Household debt Data documentation


Dear Sir/Madam,

I’m a PhD student in political economy at MIT and study the economic roots of political behavior. I found the BHPS a great source for my resource, but have a particular questions that I haven’t been able to answer so far. I am looking for a longitudinal dataset that has both questions on political attitudes towards government policies, e.g. social redistribution, spending on health care, etc., and information on households’ economic situation, in particular its indebtedness. As far as I can see, the Understanding Society Panel does not have questions on social redistribution. I know that the Wealth and Asset Survey and to a limited extend the BHS Derived Current and Annual Net Household Income Variables get at the latter part, but they do not include the political attitude variables. Hence my question if there is a subset or part of the BHS (or any other survey) that contains both of those dimensions, or is there a way to match households or individuals from the BHS panel to one of those other surveys?

Thanks so much for your help.



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Dear Andreas,

Unfortunately neither the BHPS nor Understanding Society have carried the political questions that you are interested in. We have questions about political interest, political efficacy and political support, and the BHPS in the past has carried attitudinal questions about views of government, but not in the depth that you need.

Have you tried looking at the British Election Study? This has a longitudinal element (but only for a couple of waves after each election) and it is likely to have the questions about redistribution etc that you are interested in.

There is some information about it here:

Documentation for the "British Election Study Six-Wave Panel Survey, 2005-2009" is available:

The British Election Study is not managed by us at ISER and it is not possible to merge the Election Study into the BHPS because the samples are different.

I hope that helps.

76 Closed Mortgage debt on owned property/properties missing for BHPS sample of wave 2 Data inconsistency



I've searched for this issue in the open and completed issues and not turned anything up but if I have missed it please point me to the thread.

I have a balanced panel of sometime home owner BHPS respondents from releases k to r. A question I aim to address is the use of released housing equity when leaving ownership, as well as other questions around home ownership and housing debt . I use "_mgtot" to in various calculations. It appears the equivalent variable does not exist in the interim wave 2 release of Understanding Society (after deriving the reference person and bringing the wave 2 BHPS sample into the panel). All of the other property related variables seem to be present. Is this correct? If so, could you suggest a method of imputing this? The absence of this variable obviously makes it difficult to make these calculations in a way consistent across BHPS and Understanding Society.

In addition, could you please tell me when the wave 2 final version will be released and whether or not it will contain a derived household reference person?

I'd appreciate any direction on this.

Best wishes,
Centre for Research in Applied Economics
Curtin University

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To clarify: In UKHLS we only ask about the primary residence, not additional properties. We obtain the information about the total mortgage on the primary residence at Wave 1, but not at subsequent waves. At Wave 2 and all following waves information on additional mortgages the respondent may take on the property and the monthly payment question incorporates payments on all mortgages. This brings the UKHLS questionnaire concerning the primary residence in line with the BHPS questionnaire on the same subject. We have no plans to reinstate the hstotmg item.



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