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Hi- apologies for bothering you, but I am currently researching couple finances and have found the variables wealthassetsanddebt_ip3.svacsj (relating to savings) and wealth assetsanddebt_ip3.nvestsj (relating to investments) on this page: Firstly, I just wanted to check that these are the only questions on the survey that dealt with jointly/ solely held assets within couples? Secondly, I looked at the results for e.g. the first variable ( although the same is also applicable for the results for the second variable, which can be found at and was wondering, what are the ‘proxy’ results (apologies if that is an ignorant question)? If I were to wish to calculate each possible arrangement (i.e. sole, joint and both) as a percentage of all of the valid responses, not including where the question was inapplicable, would I just include sole, joint, and sole and joint, or do the ‘proxies’ need to be factored in as well? Thirdly, is this the most up-to-date data that you have on sole/joint savings and investments (am I right in thinking that it dates back to 2013)? Thanks so much

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Dear Charlotte,

Just checking whether there is anything more we can help you with on this? We are happy to discuss it further with you if you would like to.

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