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# Status Priority Subject Author Updated % Done Assignee
1715 Resolved High Longitudinal Weighting of Non-Movers Only from UKHLS (in Wave 1) Sue Easton 10/24/2023 09:45 AM

Olena Kaminska Actions
814 Closed High Longitudinal weight in R with - wide datset Eleonora Iob 07/24/2017 04:52 PM

Eleonora Iob Actions
2074 In Progress High Longitudinal weights Joe Mattock 04/17/2024 03:34 PM

Olena Kaminska Actions
703 Closed High Longitudinal weights for periods of years Agnes Norris Keiller 04/24/2017 01:55 PM

Agnes Norris Keiller Actions
168 Closed High Main survey access Kevin Mulligan 07/11/2013 11:45 AM

Redmine Admin Actions
842 Closed High Marital status variable - mlstat Charlotte Edney 10/30/2017 03:44 PM

Charlotte Edney Actions
891 Resolved High Matching f_fihhmnnet1_dv to previously used f_hhnetinc1 David Leese 08/14/2018 04:01 PM

David Leese Actions
691 Closed High Merge BHPS file before analysis for BHPS dataset suleyman bolat 01/05/2017 01:33 PM

suleyman bolat Actions
1586 Resolved High Merging UKHLS waves and optimal weight Gonçalo Gameiro 12/14/2021 01:33 PM

1176 Resolved High Merging a set of variables to wave 1 erica holt-white 08/10/2022 11:46 AM

erica holt-white Actions
857 Closed High Merging datasets Nasima Akhter 10/30/2017 03:47 PM

Nasima Akhter Actions
792 Closed High Merging datasets Emily Lowthian 09/01/2023 02:24 PM

Emily Lowthian Actions
2038 Resolved High Merging family level and individual level data Ted Porter 02/23/2024 02:37 PM

1181 Resolved High Merging general health variables erica holt-white 08/10/2022 11:47 AM

erica holt-white Actions
1388 Resolved High Merging geographical special license data James Risk 10/13/2021 11:23 AM

21 Closed High Merging household and individual data set-wave1, 2009-2010 Anita Staneva 11/10/2015 03:01 PM

Redmine Admin Actions
2099 Feedback High Merging household info to individual data Marina Kousta 04/30/2024 12:21 PM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1728 Resolved High Merging main survey wave to COVID-19 study wave Parth Pandya 11/30/2023 10:58 AM

2081 Feedback High Merging parents (or carer) information to youth data Lydia Sung 04/09/2024 07:24 PM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1423 Resolved High Merging youth to adult data George Comp 10/13/2021 10:55 AM

1963 Resolved High Missing LSOA for hidp across waves Richard Belcher 11/30/2023 01:26 PM

804 Closed High Missing Value Analysis Daniel Okoli 09/01/2023 02:16 PM

Daniel Okoli Actions
407 Closed High Missing variables in the UKHLS for the continuing members of the BHPS hiba hussein 09/16/2015 06:08 PM

hiba hussein Actions
2029 Resolved High Missing wave 1 data for yphsc, yphsw, yphlf Imogen Cartwright 02/23/2024 02:35 PM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1237 Resolved High Month of birth variables Maddalena Ronchi 09/13/2019 10:42 AM

Maddalena Ronchi Actions
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