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Covid Universal Credit Variables

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Hi there,

I'm looking to obtain the frequencies and percentages of the number of people on universal credit (UC) in each wave during the COVID-19 surveys. I have looked at the ff_ucredit variable which seems to only record whether someone has been on UC in ANY wave rather than just the current one. The ucredit variable (and the b65 one) also only look at whether someone is newly on UC during that wave but it does not check if someone previously on UC is still on it. The ff_ucredit variable also doesn't check this because it asks if they have been on UC in ANY wave rather than if there has been a change in status. I think I have undertsood these variables correctly but please let me know if I haven't. If I wanted to work out the frequency and percentage of people on UC in each wave (not cumulative across waves), how would I go about doing this using the available questions?


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The rules for asking these questions are specified in the Universe below each question in the questionnaires. I have summarised these here. I have checked the data and except for a handful of cases, these rules were applied. But you are right it is not possible to know if someone has stopped getting UC.

// New entrants are asked whether they received UC during Jan-Feb 2020 (Q: BLBENEFIT) and if they say yes, then whether that has changed sinced then (Q: BLBENCHANGE). But those who say they didn't receive in Jan/Feb 2020 are asked if they have applied for UC (Q: UCREDIT).

// Previously interviewed respondents, who have never received or applied for UC are asked if they have applied for UC (Q: UCREDIT)

// Previously interviewed respondents, who had said that their UC claim was being processed at the last interview are asked if they have started receiving UC (Q: UCREDIT2)

// ff_ucredit is created using information collected in previous waves to allow routing of ucredit questions in the current wave

Hope this helps.

Best wishes,
Understanding Society User Support Team


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