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Child file a-j [ca_childdoba]

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I really tried to figure this one out before asking here, also had a scan of other questions but I cannot understand why there are 10 child files with repeated DOB in them? Files after e seems empty for DOB's so what constitutes a child reported to be born in 2003 as 'child a' and a child born in the same year - 2003 for example- as 'child b'? The questionnaire asks the parent/guardian to input their DOB so I am unsure where the a-j come from? Everything else thereafter is split into these a-j categories so it is really important that I understand it- thank you so much.


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If it is that child a was their first child, child b their second ect.. then why are the ones not represented in the data set (e-j)?


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Respondents to this survey, who reported at least one child below the age of 18 (hhcompa>0 or hhcomdb>0 or hhcomc>0) were asked if [child1] "Do you have any children aged 18 or younger in your household for whom you are the parent or guardian, who are currently enrolled in a school or college"

If they said yes, they were asked [child2] "How many children aged 18 or younger in your household, for whom you are the parent or guardian, are currently enrolled in a school or college?".

Then for each child they were asked the DOB. These dates of birth were recorded but only the YEAR of birth variables were released: ca_childdoba_y to ca_childdobj_y in file ca_indresp_w. All these variables except for ca_childdobj_y has a valid value (>0) for at least one observation. Only the variable ca_childdobj_y is missing (<0) for all cases.

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