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# Status Priority Subject Author Updated % Done Assignee
1782 Resolved Urgent DK and prefer not to say options in web component of Understanding Society Alessandra Gaia 11/30/2023 11:07 AM

1777 Resolved Urgent Creating Longitudinal Weights for Unbalanced Panel JoAnn Tan 11/30/2023 11:06 AM

Olena Kaminska Actions
1753 Resolved Urgent How to analyze environmental habits likert scale Nichaphat Surawattananon 11/30/2023 11:03 AM

1752 Resolved Urgent Link wave 9 child module (i_child) with i_hhresp and i_indall Rafeya Azad 11/30/2023 11:03 AM

1750 Resolved Urgent Sample size changes after applying sample weight Claire Wu 11/30/2023 11:02 AM

1742 Resolved Urgent Recommended Method to Construct Unemployment Duration? JoAnn Tan 11/30/2023 11:00 AM

Alita Nandi Actions
1740 Resolved Urgent Survey participant drop out across waves Nichaphat Surawattananon 11/30/2023 11:00 AM

1738 Resolved Urgent Variables- child abuse, child witnessing of abuse Luke Power 11/30/2023 10:59 AM

1726 Resolved Urgent BHPS and Understanding Society - weights Maria Petrillo 11/30/2023 10:57 AM

Olena Kaminska Actions
1691 Resolved Urgent Combining BHPS with US, as well as match children to parents across waves Viktoria Ancher-Jensen 11/30/2023 10:49 AM

777 Closed Urgent Clarifications Niamh Shortt 09/01/2023 02:47 PM

Niamh Shortt Actions
779 Closed Urgent BHPS file KLIFEMST Julia Borodina 09/01/2023 02:47 PM

Julia Borodina Actions
786 Closed Urgent gender of non-coresident adult children Jingyi Wang 09/01/2023 02:24 PM

Jingyi Wang Actions
837 Closed Urgent Industrial Injury Disability Benefit - who is asked Ray Storry 09/01/2023 02:15 PM

Ray Storry Actions
1956 Resolved Urgent Variable for Depression diagnosis by expert Michael Huber 08/25/2023 10:27 AM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1079 Resolved Urgent How do I match adult respondents of the survey with their children (over 16 years of age) who also participate in the survey Nico Ochmann 08/22/2023 01:07 PM

Nico Ochmann Actions
1629 Resolved Urgent Merging Variable vote_7 Jan Heinicke 07/27/2023 02:07 PM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1798 Resolved Urgent Which weight to use for Adults in COVID Wave 6 & 2 Gemma Schwendel 11/08/2022 01:38 PM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1290 Resolved Urgent Zero/negative values of monthly labour income C Josten 08/15/2022 04:11 PM

1261 Resolved Urgent Energy use data Munyaradzi Kucherera 08/15/2022 03:24 PM

1255 Resolved Urgent Religion data Xavier Castelino 08/15/2022 03:22 PM

1225 Resolved Urgent Definition of partially productive interview Olga Maslovskaya 08/15/2022 02:58 PM

1174 Resolved Urgent Creating reliable fertility history variables - UKHLS waves 1-8 fabiana macor 08/10/2022 11:46 AM

fabiana macor Actions
1169 Resolved Urgent Micro-level locational data OLAYIWOLA OLADIRAN 08/10/2022 11:45 AM

1161 Resolved Urgent Medication query Luke Barry 08/10/2022 11:45 AM

Luke Barry Actions
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