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I'm trying to use the religion data from Understanding Society, and there's a few variables for which there isn't an explanation given online as to why some of the sample have been made inapplicable. Additionally, there are some variables where there is a universe given, but the number of people inapplicable seems to spike at seemingly random times (given that this is a panel data set, with the same households, I'm confused at this).

The variables I'm most confused about are religion_w8.oprlg1, oprlg, oprlg1_bh and oprlg5 - thanks for your help!


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Dear Xavier,

This is because at some waves only new entrants are asked these questions, while at others everyone is asked in case their answers have changed. Although this does not show on the current version of the variable pages of the online documentation, you can see it in the individual wave specific modules, e.g.

and also in the full pdf of the questionnaires:

Best wishes,

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