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# Status Priority Subject Author Updated % Done Assignee
1440 Resolved High Identifying Household Roles Patricio Valdivieso 10/12/2021 05:04 PM

1284 Resolved High Identifying parents with various types of child maintenance arrangements and the specific children these relate to David Irvine 03/02/2021 03:31 PM

948 Resolved High Impevents question transcripts Thiemo Fetzer 08/14/2018 04:29 PM

Thiemo Fetzer Actions
1287 Resolved High Inapplicable observations Xavier Castelino 08/15/2022 04:10 PM

1565 Resolved High Income Variable: Drop negative values? Ipsitaa Khullar 10/12/2021 02:52 PM

1307 Resolved High Inconsistency between releases for certain variables Chetan Jethwa 03/02/2021 03:29 PM

955 Resolved High Individual level net monthly income and social benefit income Anisa Butt 08/14/2018 04:44 PM

Anisa Butt Actions
1283 Resolved High Job satisfaction: comparability across BHPS and Understanding Society C Josten 08/15/2022 03:34 PM

1613 Resolved High Linking administrative health data Lieke Holt 03/15/2022 09:46 AM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1670 Resolved High Local Authority Districts (LAD) from SN 6666 Nico Ochmann 04/27/2022 12:10 PM

Understanding Society User Support Team Actions
1068 Resolved High Locating and accessing sexuality identity data within LHS data sets Bere Mahoney 11/08/2018 04:39 PM

Bere Mahoney Actions
891 Resolved High Matching f_fihhmnnet1_dv to previously used f_hhnetinc1 David Leese 08/14/2018 04:01 PM

David Leese Actions
1586 Resolved High Merging UKHLS waves and optimal weight Gonçalo Gameiro 12/14/2021 01:33 PM

1176 Resolved High Merging a set of variables to wave 1 erica holt-white 08/10/2022 11:46 AM

erica holt-white Actions
1181 Resolved High Merging general health variables erica holt-white 08/10/2022 11:47 AM

erica holt-white Actions
1388 Resolved High Merging geographical special license data James Risk 10/13/2021 11:23 AM

1423 Resolved High Merging youth to adult data George Comp 10/13/2021 10:55 AM

1237 Resolved High Month of birth variables Maddalena Ronchi 09/13/2019 10:42 AM

Maddalena Ronchi Actions
954 Resolved High Nurse health assessment - bioimpedance measures Per-Ola Sundin 08/14/2018 04:44 PM

Per-Ola Sundin Actions
1158 Resolved High On variables in entrepreneurship studies Daniel Okoli 08/10/2022 11:44 AM

Daniel Okoli Actions
1378 Resolved High Overlapping interview periods across waves? Abigail Dumalus 10/13/2021 11:28 AM

1288 Resolved High Overtime variables Xavier Castelino 08/15/2022 04:10 PM

1365 Resolved High Payment methods gas and electricity Antonia Schuster 10/13/2021 11:36 AM

1241 Resolved High Problem merging inderesp with children data Marina Fernandez Reino 07/15/2020 03:37 AM

Marina Fernandez Reino Actions
1210 Resolved High Question about health conditions data Jack Malde 03/02/2021 03:45 PM

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