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Understanding "inapplicable"

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This is a general question. I've found that "inapplicable" is a common answer to many questions in the xwavedat dataset, and I've deduced that "inapplicable" can mean:

a. the question was skipped due to a skip pattern
b. the question was never asked in years when the person participated in the survey
c. the question wasn't part of the survey, depending on interview type
d. the question wasn't part of the survey for a regional sample
e. some combination of the above

Is this correct? Also I've noticed that for every question in this dataset, 30% or higher of the values for any field are inapplicable/missing. Is there a general reason for this? Thank you.


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If this is a question concerning the UKHLS XWAVEDAT, then this file contains the latest valid response to a given item. If no valid responses are found, the missing value code -9 is assigned. To find out the specific reason for missingness in a given wave, it is necessarry to look up the item in the response files of that wave. Generally, -8 would be if the respondent was routed out of the item, -7 if not asked during a proxy interview, -2 for refused, -1 for "don't know", and -9 for all other reasons. We have yet to update the XWAVEDAT for the BHPS entrants to UKHLS across all stable characteristics. This information is available on BHPS's cross-wave file of the same name.


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This question was actually concerning the BHPS. I do want to integrate the last two years of Understanding Society data into BHPS when I figure out the variable mapping. Is UKHLS the same as the US or the same as the BHPS?


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We will have to get back to you about the BHPS question - meanwhile; UKHLS is another name for Understanding Society.


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You are correct that there are several possible reasons for inapplicability in BHPS's xwavedat. As for UKHLS, users should refer to the missing value coding on specific waves to gain more insight.

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