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1482 Support Feedback Top-coded income Actions
1481 Support Feedback Missing values vs negative income Actions
1480 Support Feedback Who was sampled for question ca_timeshare in the COVID-19 Actions
1479 Support Resolved mismatch merging indall m:1 using hhresp (merge=1) Actions
1477 Support Feedback clusters not nested in b_strata (using R and svydesign object) Actions
1476 Support Resolved Calculating Equivalised Income Deciles AHC Actions
1474 Support Feedback Covid-19 weighting Actions
1473 Support Feedback keyworksector variable missing from pdf documents Actions
1472 Support Feedback Weighting youth analysis across waves 1–8 Actions
1471 Support Feedback Identifying relation to respondent of those being cared for Actions
1470 Support Feedback Question about data Actions
1469 Support Feedback Matching data Actions
1468 Support Resolved Tracking category labels over time Actions
1467 Support Resolved Website links not working Actions
1466 Support Feedback Determining which observations have been answered by a proxy Actions
1465 Support Resolved Highest qualifcation variable Actions
1464 Support Feedback Matching household data from parents to children Actions
1462 Support Resolved respondents without a record in the jk data weights and representativeness Actions
1461 Support Feedback Special license access to wave 10-11 JK data Actions
1460 Support Feedback HE consent variables Actions
1459 Support Feedback Covid module high risk Actions
1458 Support Feedback Weights for Covid longitudinal sample Actions
1457 Support Feedback Variable for living in a big city Actions
1456 Support Feedback Youth and young adults who filled in incorrect surveys Actions
1455 Support Resolved Inapplicable responses to GHQ-12 and SF-12 in the extra five minutes sample Actions
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