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Variable "plbornc" vs "plbornc_all

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Data inconsistency
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I expect that the number of observations for values (countries) 5-27 should be the same for both the "plbornc" and "plbornc_all" variables. for instance, Republic of Ireland has 722 observations in the "plbornc" and has 457 in "plbornc_all". May I please know why this is the case?


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Many thanks for your enquiry. The Understanding Society team is looking into it and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Best wishes,
Stephanie Auty - Understanding Society User Support Officer


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ISER is now closed for the holidays and will reopen on 2nd January. We will get back to you soon afterwards.

With best wishes for the winter break.


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As there are only 23 response options for plbornc, many respondents have to choose 97 "other country". They are then asked to give the name of this other country and that is recorded verbatim. This is then coded up and the resulting variable is called plbornc_all. But these two variables are not entirely synched up. We are looking into correcting that.

So, you will see for Ireland (5)
(1) there are 15 individuals for whom plbornc=97 & plbornc_all==5 // as plbornc=97, they were asked about other country which they gave as Ireland. So, this is ok.
(2) there are 442 individuals for whom both plbornc & plbornc_all is 5 // as plbornc<97, they were not asked about other country, and the values were synched up. So, this is ok.
(3) there are 280 individuals for whom plbornc==5 & plbornc_all=-9 // as plbornc<97, they were not asked other country, but values were not synched up. This needs to be corrected
Note, this also happens for other countries.

For now you can use the following code to get a complete list of countries of birth:
replace plbornc_all=plbornc if plbornc>=5 & plbornc<97 & (plbornc_all==-9|plbornc_all==997)

Please note that those who said they were born in the UK, that is, ukborn>=1 & ukborn<=4 are not asked plbornc. So, if you want a complete list of countries of birth you should also do:
replace plbornc_all=ukborn if ukborn>=1 & ukborn<=4

Best wishes,


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