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Dear User Support

I have trouble understanding how the items Ivlang “Language of translation” and Ivintlang “Language Individual Questionnaire completed in” relate to each other.

Ivlang is recorded for people where the interview was translated by a household member (variable a_ivtrans). The online documentation shows 726 respondents with yes (“DID ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD MEMBER TRANSLATE THE QUESTIONS BECAUSE THE RESPONDENT DID NOT SPEAK ADEQUATE ENGLISH?” (a_ivtrans)).
My first question is: Presumably there were people who didn’t speak adequate English, but did speak one of the 9 languages for which translated questionnaires are available. Would these be recorded as “no”?

My understanding is that for the 726 cases were a household member was used as translator, “Ivlang – Language of translation” specifies the language in which the interview was conducted (i.e., the respondent’s language). The online documentation lists a_indresp.a_ivintlang as associated variable.
However, “Ivintlang – Language Individual Questionnaire completed in” is associated with the same variable a_indresp.a_ivintlang. Does this mean a_indresp.a_ivintlang combines the information from both these questions? My understanding is that Ivintlang records the language of the actual questionnaire, but this might differ from the language in Ivlang?

I do not understand that the variable a_indresp.a_ivintlang only lists English and the 9 languages for which translated questionnaires exist, and no “other” category. The project instructions say that family members could translate into languages for which there are no translated questionnaires provided. Where would I find into which language an interview was translated by a family member?

Many thanks

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