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Weighting-related questions

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Hello: I have various weighting-related questions, which I have tried to list by similarity below:

1) What are the distinctions between the analysis weight and the design weight, as described in the user manual ? For example, what is the distinction between a_ind5mus_xw and a_ind5mus_xd as it relates to individual-level weights? I ask in order to determine whether the design weight is relevant to my analysis (some of which may be inferred from the subsequent questions below).

2) If I am conducting an individual-level analysis of respondents in the ethnic boost sample, but ALL the variables (both independent and dependent variables) I am including in my analysis are NOT specific to the extra 5 minutes of questions (such as sex, # children, household size, employment), would I still use the weight a_ind5mus_xw?

3) I notice that the psu and strata variables (a_psu_dv and a_strata_dv) are available only in the household file (hhresp). If I am doing individual-level analyses, if I just append these variables (psu and strata) to the individual-level (indresp) by merging on a_hidp, is this a valid way to be able to adjust for the sampling design in my analysis which is at an individual-level?

4) If I am combining ethnic respondents from the ethnic boost sample, as well as from the general comparison group (those ethnic minorities who live in low-density areas) for an individual-level analysis, is it sufficient to adjust for sampling design by selecting the a_ind5mus_xw weight, as well as adjusting for sampling, stratification and clustering by a_psu_dv, a_strata_dv and a_hidp, respectively?

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