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Reason for job change - same employer, different job

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I am using UKHLS waves 2-10 to study people changing jobs between waves, using data from the annual event history module.

I want to derive variables indicating which reasons are given when people report a job change (promotion, redundancy etc).

In the employment part of the annual event module, people are asked why they changed jobs and the reasons may be recorded across a number of variables depending on how people are routed through this section (e.g. stendreas, nxtendreas, jbendreas, reasend). The reason questions also became multi-response from wave 7.

I have constructed reason variables for those changing jobs and employer(s) (empchk==1 & jbsamr==2) but I am struggling to identify the reasons for a job change in cases where people report a job change with the same employer (empchk==1 & samejob==2)

Liam Wright provided a helpful sketch of the employment history section of the module in a previous question (issue 957 - This suggests, to me, that the reason question is skipped for people who are with the same employer but in a different job.

Can you confirm if and how those in a different job with the same employer are asked why they have changed jobs (jbsamr==1 & samejob==2)? Which of the reason variables would this be picked up in, and is it asked consistently?



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Dear Ceri,

The reasons for job change are captured in the following way:

1) empchk=2 > stendreas (wave 1-6), stendreas1 to stendreas97 (waves 7-11)
2) empchk=1 -> jbendreas (wave 1-6), jbendreas1 to jbendreas97 (waves 7-11)
here you are right, this is only available for jbsamr=2, the combination jbsamr=1 & samejob=2 is missing throughout all waves. This results directly from the routing of the jbendreas question - in all waves there was the condition that jbsamr=2, you can check this in the universe for that question in the pdfs of the questionnaire (available here:
3) nextstat=1 & currjob=2 -> reasend(n) waves 1 to 6, reasend1_(n) to reasend97_(n) waves 7 - 11 [(n) is the max number of spells in a given wave, it varies across waves] - in this case, the reasend was asked of people for whom nextjob1=1 ("different job same employer ")

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
UKHLS User Support Team


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