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Fertility History and birth events

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I have a couple of questions regarding how to buid fertility hisotires and birth events for individuals in the BHPS. Actually, as I am aiming to match this information with answers to the variables regarding gender attitudes (i.e. variables Wopfam*) which are answered only by individuals whose individual interview outcome is equal to "full interview" (i.e. Wivfio=1), I ultimately would like to build a panel dta for id with Wivfio=1 which records the number of children they parent and which updates everythime there is a birth events (I'd like to distinguish between sons and daughters).

What is the best way to do this?
If I understand correctly I have at least two different procedures I could follow:
- if I am intereseted in children coabithing with the respondend then I should consider that n_children=Wnchild and to measure birth events I could use variations in the variable Wnchild in the Windresp.dta together with info the age of the natural children taken from Windall.dta (in this way I can check that an increase in the var Wnchild is actually due to the fact that a child who is 0 years old is entering the sample rather than due to the fact that an older child is going back to live with their parents)
- If instead, which woudl be my prefered optin, I want to measure n_children as "the stock" of all children I should rely on the bchildnt.dta and focus only on respondents present at this point in time for which I can recunstruct their all fertility history. Then I should merge this information based on pid with both Windresp.dta and Windall.dta and follow the procedure below. In other words, this second startegy would allow me to be certain about the "stock of children" of an individual and update it depending on birth events as described in the point above.

Could I please ask you wehther this is the right way to procede? Should I use different variables to record birth rather than Wnchild from Windresp.dta and age of child from Windall.dta? I have seen in previous open issues that users were mentioning other variables so I am unsure about the best way to do this.

Many thanks for your help!

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