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Derived interview and demographic characteristics

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Derived variables
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I am unable to understand the derivations of several variables:

  • w_intdaty_dv, w_intdatm_dv, w_intdatd_dv
    For these, there is no derivation note and I do not understand how exactly this information differs from w_istrtdaty, w_istrtdatm, w_istrtdatd.
  • w_age_dv, w_doby_dv
    For these, the derivation note says "Derived from date of birth held in the sample administration data base and the derived date of interview. Recoded to missing for sample members whose interview outcome is inconsistent with the suggested age +/- one year."
    1. I do not understand what is the sample administration data base; therefore, how date of birth from this data set relates to the reported date of birth by the respondent. I checked and verified that the discrepancy between the derived and reported year of birth exists for both proxy and main interview individuals. So, it cannot be that discrepancy only comes from proxy interviews.
    2. I have also checked that in the dataset the discrepancy between reported and derived year of birth can be more than +/- 1 (actually it can go up to 24 years). So, I do not understand how exactly the rule "age +/- one year" was applied.
  • w_ethn_dv, w_racel_dv
    These variables have identical derived variable notes that it takes into account previous waves and reports from other hh members, and yet the values these can take are not identical. I don't really understand which of these takes into account a larger set of information provided in the dataset.

Thank you for your attention!

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Nurfatima Jandarova

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