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Most Recent Wave Questions - Parental Educational Expectations

Added by Samuel Kapon almost 10 years ago. Updated almost 10 years ago.

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Hello, I am using the Wave 5 data and I just a few quick questions about the questionnaire as well as the data.

(1) In the parental educational expectations module in the questionnaire, I just had a question about the construction of the PEDCHPID variable. It seems that the restriction under "Use" that Punichild > 0 & Punichild < 96 is taken care of by the "Universe", since one restriction in the universe section is that Punichild>96 and another is Punist=1, the latter of which seems to imply that Punichild>0. So, I was wondering if this was simply redundancy, or am I misunderstanding the concept of the "Use" section and the "Universe" section, or am I misunderstanding the construction of this variable.

(2) I was unable to find PEDCHPID as a variable in any of the datasets. I was wondering if you could explain this, or am I just missing it somehow.

(3) Is it true that the variables PEDCHPNO and PUNIST in the parental educational expectations can have no non-trivial answers in common, in the sense that it cannot be the case that both are asked to any one person, and so they should never both take on a value that isn't "Inapplicable". I only ask because in the e_person dataset, for PIDP=1721902846, HIDP=1710193208 and PNO=1, there is a value of "Yes" for PUNIST and "3" for PEDCHPNO.

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