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# Status Priority Subject Author Updated % Done Assignee
1695 Feedback High Intimate Partner Violence Related Measure Rachel Tisi 05/10/2022 04:07 AM

1694 Feedback Normal Question on meaning ivfio Lydia Palumbo 05/11/2022 12:03 PM

1689 Feedback Normal Matching Spouses data across waves Laura Bryce 04/27/2022 05:50 PM

1640 Feedback Normal Onward Social Fabric Index and Understanding Society Wave Luke Stanley 01/26/2022 04:50 PM

1638 Feedback Normal w_fimnlabnet_dv ISHA GUPTA 01/26/2022 06:40 PM

1637 Feedback Normal Religion in Covid survey Samir Sweida-Metwally 01/26/2022 06:45 PM

1636 Feedback High Empstat wave 5 ISHA GUPTA 01/24/2022 11:21 AM

1633 Feedback Normal Query regarding measurement of food poverty in UKLHS mainstage questionnaire Rachel Loopstra 01/21/2022 12:35 PM

1631 Feedback Normal Consistencies across gross and net income in BHPS and USoc Marek Rojicek 04/20/2022 06:07 AM

1626 Feedback Normal Who is the respondent parent - SDQ Michaela Kyclova 01/19/2022 08:27 PM

1081 Feedback High Youth and individual respondents datasets - merging info Theodora Kokosi 09/10/2019 04:24 PM

1150 Resolved Normal ypwght (samping (weight)?) appears as a physical characteristic on ( Georgios Chrysanthou 02/22/2019 04:34 PM

Georgios Chrysanthou Actions
1124 Resolved High A binary variable for children under the age of 7 in a given household Nico Ochmann 03/27/2019 11:42 AM

Stephanie Auty Actions
367 Closed Normal Enquiry about class classification, SOC and NS-SEC Min Zhang 11/10/2015 10:54 AM

Gundi Knies Actions
36 Closed Urgent Derived variables documentation and OECD equivalisation scale Meng Lu 12/14/2012 07:35 AM

Redmine Admin Actions
28 Closed Normal Household income data variables Alex Fenton 11/10/2015 02:55 PM

Redmine Admin Actions
27 Closed Normal Index Terms for Understsanding Society? Abita Bhaskar 11/10/2015 02:58 PM

Redmine Admin Actions
25 Closed Normal Merge the files Anita Staneva 11/10/2015 03:07 PM

Redmine Admin Actions
347 Closed Normal finding open-ended question data from BHPS Achim Edelmann 04/13/2015 09:06 AM

1246 In Progress High Evermar Lydia Palumbo 03/02/2021 03:42 PM

Alita Nandi Actions
1276 Feedback Normal Info on estranged young people Andrew O'Neil 11/19/2019 05:05 PM

Andrew O'Neil Actions
1283 Feedback High Job satisfaction: comparability across BHPS and Understanding Society C Josten 11/28/2019 04:50 PM

C Josten Actions
1256 Feedback Normal questions re deaths and representativeness David Walsh 10/09/2019 03:42 PM

David Walsh Actions
1248 Feedback Normal Longitudinal Weights- BHPS and UKHLS Helen Burkhardt 10/22/2019 05:07 PM

Helen Burkhardt Actions
1223 Feedback Normal Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) linked dataset release timeline & access Karen Arulsamy 03/02/2021 03:44 PM

Karen Arulsamy Actions
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