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Dear Understanding Society Study,

I am an MSc student at the LSHTM, and am wanting to do my MSc research project on the association between depression and air pollution. I emailed this question to "" and was told to post it here. Your study appears to be the only large publicly available study with both depression data and geocoding, which I could then be used to attach aria level air pollution data. I would want to use one piece of geocoding (e.g. LSOA for 2011) and depression scores at one or two times (and probably some questionnaire data on confounders). I read your Access Strategy, but I was wondering if I could ask a couple of questions. Other than signing up for the UK Data Services, are there any other forms that I would need to fill out in order to get approval to access the data? In addition, if I were to apply to use your data in the next few months, how long would approval take, and would there be any costs? (I don’t have a budget to do my research project, and I have to be able to start doing data analyses by mid-June.)

Thank you and all the best,


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