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Wave 6 youth questionnaire confusion

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Hi USoc,

Thank you for all of the previous help you have kindly offered.

I am just looking at the variables I can look at for youth alcohol consumption and I am a bit confused.
In the youth questionnaire, wave 6, you have the following 3 questions in order:

43. Have you ever had an alcoholic drink? That is a whole drink, not just a sip (Yes;No) [YPEVRALC]
44. How many times in the last four weeks have you had an alcoholic drink? (Most days; once/twice a week; 2/3 times; once; never (skip to 46) [YPDKLM
45. Thinking back over the last four weeks, how many times (if any) have you had five or more drinks on one occasion? (none;once;twice;three to five times; six to nine times; ten or more times)
46. On how many occasions (if any) have you been intoxicated or drunk from drinking alcohol, for example staggered when walking, not being able to speak properly, throwing up or not remembering what happened? (likert scales)

In the questionnaire on question 45 (ypdklm), it says if never at this question then skip to 46. Which makes sense as the next question is on the drinking habits in the last four weeks too.
The dataset for ypdklm code 6 says 'never but q45' (yp5alcdr). Could you explain what this means? Does it mean never at question 44, but there is an answer in 45? (there shouldnt be)

Many thanks


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