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my name is Daniele Guariso and I am a PhD student in Economics at the University of Sussex. For my research I am using the 6th wave of Understanding Society, but I would like to have some clarifications regarding how the survey was conducted. Were the self-completion questionnaires filled the same day as the one when the household's interview took place? And what is the difference between the household grid and interview date?

Thank you in advance for your clarification.
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Daniele Guariso


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Dear Daniele,

Self-completion questionnaires – the adult self-completion section would have been completed at the same time as the rest of the interview. This is implemented as a CASI module (computer-assisted self-interviewing) where the interviewer would hand over the lap-top to the participant to answer this section. There is also a youth self-completion (for those aged 10-15). This is a paper self-completion questionnaire and so may have been completed at a different time to the adult interviews.

The household grid is an enumeration of who is in the household. It starts with the household roster as collected at the previous year and identifies whether those people are still resident, and whether there are any new people in the household. Basic information is collected on all members of the household (sex, age, employment status (Y/N), relationship status). The grid is completed once for each household. Once the grid has been done, and eligible sample members identified, then adults can complete their own interview. The adult interviews may be done on the same visit as the grid, but may be done at a later date, depending on availability (e.g., the interviewer may complete the grid with person 1 in the household, then administer their adult interview, but person 2 is not available to be interviewed and so the interviewer makes another visit at a later date to interview them).

Best wishes, Victoria.


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