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Dear Understanding Society,

my name is Thea Elnan and I'm a Norwegian postgraduate student at the University of Oslo in Norway. In my master thesis I'm using data from British Household Panel Survey (BHPS), which I have already accessed from the ESRC Data Archives. I am specifically interested in the survey questions regarding attitudes towards gender roles.

The British Household panel was taken over by Understanding Society after 2008, and if I have understood it correctly, Understanding Society still runs the panel every year. I looked through the questionnaires at Your website, and found one survey done in 2012 where the same questions on gender roles that I am interested in frequented (coded wOPFAMA, wOPFAMB and so on in BHPS).

Since it would be preferable to merge data from a more recent point in time to my dataset, I am wondering if 1) it is true that you still have (and in 2012 had) the same panel as they used in BHPS, 2) I can access these data from 2012 from Understanding Society, and 3) if it is possible to merge data from BHPS and US on the respondents identification number?

Thank you very much in advance.

Kind regards,

Thea Storøy Elnan

University of Oslo

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