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I am working with Understanding data and am interested in matching the data to the Index of multiple deprivation (IMD), allowing us to control for neighbourhood deprivation. We are using waves 3-5 of US and want to control for the IMD just before the respondents are observed; we are therefore interested in using the English IMD from 2010, Wales 2011, Scotland 2012 and NI 2010.

We have noticed that the Scotland LSOA codes are in the 2011 datazone format (in US) whilst the SIMD 2012 is based on 2001 datazones. We therefore require the hidp linked to the 2001 datazones for respondents in Scotland (we don't need the 2001 LSOA data for any other country). I have requested the 2001 census LSOA data but the request has been denied since we already have 2011 LSOA data. It has been suggested that I contact the Understanding Society team directly.

Is there any possibility that we may gain access to the 2001 LSOA codes for Scotland only? At present, we cannot control for neighbourhood deprivation at all for Scottish residents as the 2001 datazones (LSOAs) cannot be matched to the 2011 datazones.

If there is a problem with this due to disclosure, as we are not interested in the actual LSOA but the deprivation within that LSOA, would it be possible for us to receive the SIMD linked directly to the hidp for Scottish residents?

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