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Egoalt file and meaning of alwstat codes

Added by Dan Brown over 6 years ago. Updated over 6 years ago.

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I have previously asked ISER for the meaning of the alwstat codes in the egoalt file, but did so via email (not on the user support). The following were the answers I received (which I have been asked to upload here):

1. Not enumerated means that this person was not counted as being present in any household in the last wave.
2. Rejoiner means this person was not enumerated in the last wave but has been enumerated earlier
3. “new entrant” means someone who has never been part of the sample until this wave
4. “new birth, OSM” are new entrants who are OSMs and whose age is 0. No distinction is made between natural/adoptive/…. Children. There is one issue about this that is not perhaps clear from its name or description. Although egoalt file is about the relationship between household members, the new birth does not refer to the relationship between the ego and alter. For example, if there is a new child in the household the w_elwstat for this child and any other household member will show “new birth, OSM”. Also, new members of age 0 who are not OSMs will not be coded as “new birth, OSM” but simply as “new entrant”.
5. Yes, egoalt files only include individuals in multiple person households. So, single person households are excluded.

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