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I am looking at data exclusively at Wave C Understanding Society c_indresp.sav. I am planning to employ model based inference which may (as needs be) incorporate weight, strata and PSU into the model.

I am having difficulty finding out how the weights were computed. I was hoping to use include the variables by which the weights were calculated within the model and specify PSU as level 2 random effects. I just cannot seem to find how the weights were calculated from Understanding Society documentation.

All the variables are from the c_indresp file. The 12 are listed here as name, “label”, [position number in variable view of c_indresp.sav]

c_sex_cr “sex (corrected)” [2292],
c_age_cr “age (corrected)” [2294],
c_birthy “year of birth” [2771],
c_big5c_dv “Conscientiousness” [2896],
c_big5o_dv “Openness” [2899],
c_hiqual_dv “Highest qualification” [2904],
c_gwri_dv “Cognitive ability: Immediate word recall: Number of correct items” [2915],
c_cgvfc_dv “Cognitive ability: Verbal fluency: Count of correct answers” [2932],
c_cgna_dv “Cognitive ability: Numeric ability: Count of items answered correctly”[2935],
c_jbnssec8_dv “Current job: Eight Class NS-SEC” [2947],

I am also having difficulty identifying which weight variable would be most appropriate to my analysis according to the w_xxxyyzz_aa scheme (p67 of the User Manual).

I can fill in this much c_indyyzz_xw – i.e., I know I am dealing with wave c only (so c_ and xw) and only with adult (16+) respondents (so ind).

I have identified 4 weight variables relevant to a cross-sectional design in the c_indresp file,

1. c_indpxub_xw “combined cross-sectional adult main or proxy interview weight” [3002],
2. c_indinub_xw “combined cross-sectional adult main interview weight” [3003],
3. c_indscub_xw “combined cross-sectional adult self-completion interview weight” [3004],
4. c_ind5mus_xw “cross-sectional extra 5 minute interview person weight” [3005].

The yy component must be either px, in, sc, or 5m. I think I can exclude 5m, as none of the variables on my list is on the list on Table 25 (p56) of the User Manual. Likewise, viewing Table 24 (p53), I think sc can be excluded.

As for the zz component it is tempting to just use "us" (for “understanding society”?). The user guide advises me that the "us" designation refers to “GPS [General Population Sample] and EMB samples” – is this what is meant by “Mainstage”?

Looking at the “Levels of Analysis” in Table 28 (p62), I think I can exclude level 4 “Adult or youth self-completion”. I cannot, however seem to find information on whether the c_indresp variables I am using are level 3 “Adult proxy and main interview” or level 2 “Adult main interview only (no proxy)”. Using the Understanding Society website to search each variable name they all return “Mainstage Variable”. I cannot tell from this which level of 1 to 4 is the most appropriate to select a weighting variable.

So the two problems I have are 1) identifying which variables were used to calculate survey weights and 2) identifying which ”xw“ survey weight variable is most appropriate to my analysis.

I would be enormously grateful for any clarification.

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