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School Code (Schcode)

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Dear User Support,

Could you please tell me whether there are any variables available within the special license version of the dataset, relating to the information collected on school code? I can not see this listed in the information given about special licence variables on ESDS. If not, how does one apply to obtain this data and what level of information is available? I am interested in using the codes (or a derived variable) to distinguish between school types, such as private, independent, comprehensive, grammar etc.

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The quick answer is that we ask about whether the school is a state or a private school;

We are also collecting the school name and the longterm plan is to code this with national school codes, which would enable researchers to link data at the school level under a special license. These plans are however still at an early stage and the exact mode, content and timelines for this have yet to be finalised.



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Hi Jakob,

Thank you for your response.

Unfortunately, the a_schsta variable is not so relevant, because I am interested in the types of schools previously attended by young adult respondents. My understanding is that this information is, however, available from schcode for individuals aged 16+, born after 1981 who attended school in the UK (or who are still at school).

The linking of data with national school codes (available under special license) would be of particular interest. Since writing, I have started looking at Wave 2 data, and unlike Wave 1, the schcode variable is actually already in the dataset. It seems that this is only coded for new entrants? Or for a particular sub-sample? I am now a little confused about the access to this variable and how it should be used? I would be very grateful if you could please explain it further.

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You would in that case need the special license mentioned above. The variable schcode on the general release is simply a randomly generated identifier that won’t be of much use in this case (and will not be included in the full release).


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Ok, thank you for your help.
Best wishes,


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