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ethnicity or place of birth of partners (cohabiting partner or spouses)

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Dear all,

I want to analyse partnership formation and dissolution in regard of endogamous and exogamous partnerships. I found the partner's place of birth and ethnicity group for people who are in a relationship at the first wave by identifying the couples in the same household.

My question is if there is any information of previous partners? So far I only found the complete partnership history for marriages and cohabiting spells, but no further information on the previous partner. I assume this information is not available but I wanted to make sure before I give up on that issue.

Thanks in advance


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I have received the following advice:
Essentially the partnership history modules collect nothing about the partner except the fact that there was one. All we collect is spell data, that is to say, start and end dates of cohabitation/marriage spells. The only way we would collect data on the characteristics of the partner is if the partner themselves was residing in a UKHLS household or they feature in the data we collect on Non-Co-Resident Relationships (although the latter doesn’t ask about ethnicity or place of birth).
On behalf of the team, Jakob


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