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Variables related to (jobmarket) training in US

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I am currently working on a research project using BHPS data. We wish to extend the period that we consider to also include the waves from Understanding Society (US). Along some other key variables, we are using variables related to (job market) training. In the BHPS there are quite a few questions asking how much training the respondent has participated in (e.g. TRQ1 in INDRESP), who paid for the training (e.g. TRFEEA1 in INDRESP). However, when I look at the questions in INDRESP in US, I cannot find any similar questions that relates to training. Do you know whether there are still questions relating to (job market) training in US? If so, do you know where I can find out more about it?


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The nature, purpose, duration and provider (e.g. employer) of training spells are collected from wave 2 onwards; see variables in questionnaire trailing trainany. To find out more please see online documentation, questionnaires and long-term questionnaire content plan.


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Dear Jakob.

Thank you for your very helpful answer.

I have now found the variables relating to training from wave 2 and onwards. However, for the question "trainqual1", the exact question does not appear in the online documentation for wave 2,3 or 4 (on top of the frequency table where it normally appears) - see e.g

Do you know where I can find the question?

Additionally is it correctly understood that in US you do not ask what qualification the training led to (like in the BHPS from wave 8 and onwards - see [scroll down to see list]), but only whether it led to a qualification or not?

All the best,


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Dear Jakob.

Please ignore my second question. I have found out that you do ask that. Sorry about that misunderstanding.

All the best,


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the questionnaire specification contains the question (in this case trainqual) and an indication for when loops begin and end. The released variables are renamed to contain the spell number, e.g. trainqual1 for training spell number 1, etc.
Any qualification gained from the sum of traning spells are asked with the trqual question.


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