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Question about xwave dataset

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I am currently working on the c_ wave but would also like to include some variables from xwave dataset. It seems that there are xwave versions of some variables and c_ versions of the same thing. The c_ version tends to be much smaller with lots of inapplicable cases. However, there seem to be differences between the xwave version and the c_version when you cross-tab them. This is odd and makes me wonder whether the c_ version is a correction of the xwave version (ie they asked respondents things in 2009 and either the information has changed since or the respondent has said, no that’s wrong and so it has been updated).
So coupld you explain to me what is the relationship between the different variables in different datasets, I could hardly find any comprehensive descriptions from the userguid.
Thank you very much!


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General information about xwavedat file: The xwavedat file is an individual level file of fixed (time-invariant variables). The information may not be reported by all respondents in the same wave. The information is picked up from whichever wave it was reported. For example the ethnic group question is asked the first time a person is interviewed. For a person interviewed for the first time in wave 2, a_racel will be inapplicable but b_racel will have a valid entry. But for this person there will be a valid entry in xwavedat which will equal their b_racel value. Additionally, some longitudinal consistency checks are implemented for variables in xwavedat.

If you tell us the name of the specific variable that you are enquiring about we will be able to give a more specific response.


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