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Time variables at Wave 1

Added by Jonathan Burton about 8 years ago. Updated almost 8 years ago.

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1. I suppose that time in seconds represents time from midnight in seconds, is that right?

2. There is a variable a_consent_tm which presents weird values. In general there is a time line over *tm variables, for example all of them are 60.000’s or 50.000’s, but a_consent_tm presents huge differences like 10.000 or 20.000 seconds. I know that it is a separate module but I don’t know if there is a known reason for this.

3. There is a variable a_finint_tm whose label says “end time for interview (seconds)”. I have found that for several cases there is a huge difference between the rest of the modules’ starting time and the a_finint_tm: Is this an human mistake (e.g. the interviewer forgot to close the interview) or it is due to a known reason (e.g. some had to finish the interview on another date because the interviewee asked from that…)?

4. For proxies, there is a variable which indicates the start time in seconds of the proxy interview, but there isn’t a variable to indicates final time of the interview, so you only can know about the duration if another household member or proxy is interviewed after him/her because another “starting time” is recorded. Is this right, there is no way to know the end point or the duration of proxy interviews?

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