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How the derived variable of highest educational qualification is derived?

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Hi guys, in my research I need to classify people's educational levels. I find the derived variable of highest educational qualification (a_hiqual_dv) very useful. However, I cannot find detailed information on what the collapsed new categories of the derived variable "a_hiqual_dv" represent. For example, on its online documentation(, only the value, absolute and relative frequency of the derived category "GCSE etc" are shown, but what does "GCSE etc" include? Because the new variable "a_hiqual_dv" is derived from more than one original variables(A_QFHIGH A_QFVOC1-A_QFVOC15), it is thus very difficult to figure it out by comparing the derived categories of "a_hiqual_dv" with the categories of the original variable, as the original categories are collected from 16 different variables. I do not find other helpful documents, either. So I was wondering if anybody is able to help me with this? My email is: , thank you!


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Sorry, just found two earlier posts with the same question with mine. Already sorted out. Thanks!
BTW, a useful online document regarding my question: p96-97


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