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Missing data for pasoc10 in xwavedat

Added by Robert de Vries 4 months ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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Hi all,

I'm conducting research which involves looking at social mobility - so I'm looking at data on parental occupation. I'm primarily focusing on Wave H and I am curious why there is so much missing data for (in particular) father's occupation.

If you look at Wave A, around 15% of the sample are 'inapplicable' for pasoc10. This level of missingness corresponds to respondents who were not living with their fathers at age 14, or whose fathers were not working (as given in paju).

If we look at Wave H, around 20% of respondents are given in pasoc10 as 'no data from BHPS', and another 24% (9,441) are given as 'missing. Around half of this 24% is explainable for the same reason as above (father not working/not lived with). However, the remaining half (around 4,500 respondents) is marked as 'missing' in paju.

My questions are:

1. Why do so many BHPS respondents have no data for father's occupation?
2. What explains the additional missing 4,500 respondents from paju in Wave H? The only explanation I can see in the routing is that these would be rising 16 year olds. However, 4,500 seems to many for this to be the explanation.

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