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ff_jbsoc00 not available

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I've noticed that some variables I am interested in (e.g. Jbsoc00) are contingent on ff_jbsoc00, but that this is not available in any UKHLS waves. Would I just have to feed this forward from the previous wave myself or am I misunderstanding anything?

Also, from looking at the questionnaires, it seems ff_jbsoc00 becomes ff_xsoc2000 in later waves (e.g. the questionnaire for Wave K). Has it just been renamed or is there any substantive change?

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Hi Albert,

This is because that ff_jbosoc00 is a text variable, by definition it is very disclosive and that's why it is not released.
I will contact the questionnaire team regarding your second question.

Best wishes,
UKHLS User Support


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Updated by Albert Ward 5 months ago

Thanks Piotr,

I should have said that I have access to the Special Licence version of the harmonised dataset - I will just feed forward Jbsoc00 from the previous wave to create ff_Jbsoc00 where I need to.

I would still be interested to know the answer to the second question though.

Thanks again,


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Hello Albert,

The employment questions (like many other questions) follow dependent interview, i.e., previously interviewed respondents are read out the information we have for them from the last interivew and then asked if that is correct and if yes, if that has changed. The two variables that are fed forward about the occupation related to the job they were doing when we last interviewed them are ff_xsoc2000 and ff_jbsoc00. The variable ff_xsoc2000 represents the SOC code and the actual text describing the job is recorded in ff_jbsoc00. Depending on what they say this information is updated and we have the current occupation jbsoc00. Please note that although ff_jbsoc00 includes the verbatim text for purposes of the interview, the variables jbsoc00 in the released data are the SOC codes and not the verbatim text.

Hope this answers your question.

Best wishes,
Understanding Society User Support Team


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Ah I see - this is very helpful, thank you!


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