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the equivalent of jbstat in the covid surveys

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Hi there,
Is there an equivalent of the variable 'jbstat' (in the main survey) in the covid survey? I've looked through the Covid survey data and questionnaires but can't seem to find it. Can I please get some advice on how to put a variable like a jbstat together based on variables from the Covid survey? Importantly, what would be the best way to identify cases of unemployment and those out of the labour force?

Many thanks


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Dear Karen,

Unfortunately, there is no equivalent for jbstat in the Covid-19 survey. The only question covering employment status was sempderived but it includes all other statuses than employed and self-employed lumped together in category 4 "No" (that is, not in paid employment). A workaround is combining the information from blnonwork and sempderived, so
1) if someone was employed in Jan/Feb 2020 and then not in paid work in April 2020 (wave 1, ca_sempderived=4) one can assume that the person became unemployed, a similar comparison could be then done for later waves, so if ca_sempderived=1 OR 2 OR 3 and cb_sempderived=4 then one can assume that this person became unemployed; of course, this is an oversimplification as such person could have become e.g. retired etc.;
2) if someone was not in paid work in April 2020 (ca_sempderived=4) than one can assume that the most probable trajectory was staying in the same category e.g. long-term sick/disabled or retired which could be copied from blnonwork, again, this is an oversimplification as there could have been movement between non-employment categories and it is also not possible to identify any such movements during the pandemic, that is, between Covid-19 survey waves.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,
UKHLS User Support Team


Updated by Karen Arulsamy about 2 months ago

Thank you for your advice Piotr, this is very helpful.

Many thanks

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