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Mental health service use data

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I would like to know if any of the waves of Understanding Society thus far have collected data on use of NHS services, particularly mental health services? I cannot see anything in the questionnaires that would indicate that these data have been collected but I am aware that the BHPS did collect data on use of psychotherapist in some waves. Are there plans to collect these kind of data in the future in Understanding Society? If so, do you know which wave(s) this will be in?

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please see #81


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Thanks for the reply but has Understanding Society data actually been linked to NHS service use data i.e. has anyone actually used this? If not, when will it be done? I would like to know the timescales for this as I am on a time limited project so I would like to assess whether I can carry out the anlaysis that I need to do.

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Progress on linkage will be updated here:

We are are applying to link to HES In-Patient records at the moment, but it is too soon to say when linked data can be made available. Plans for linkages to other NHS databases are only at the very early planning stage at the moment.


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