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has birthy variable name changed over USoc waves?

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I’ve got a quick query regarding a missing variable in a USoc libname in SAS:

When using the most up to date libname for USoc /surveydata/ukda/us/Waves_1_10_2009_2019; the variable birthy is present, e.g. in b_indall b_birthy is produced in output data, but when using the libname /surveydata/ukda/us/Waves_1_4_2009_2013; birthy is not present. I know that the most recent libname should always be used but would you happen to know why this is the case or if this shouldn’t be happening? Would it be that the variable name has been changed since the older libname was released? And can USoc variables change names since the start of the survey in 2009 and thus between libname update too?

Thanks for your help.


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We are not aware of the variable birthy not being available in a specific data release. Only in very rare occassions variable names change but birthy is not one of them.

Yes, you should use the data from the latest release.

The data is not provided in a SAS format. It is provided in Stata, SPSS and TAB formats. So, we cannot answer why the variable birthy was missing from one version, you would need to ask the person/s who did the data transformation.

Hope this helps.

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