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'0' weight in BHPS

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Good afternoon,

I have a question regarding the weight variable xrwtuk1 in the BHPS. For my analysis I have selected cases who have a valid response to my two main vairables (economic status and GHQ-12), and then had a look at the weights. Within the cross-sectional weight variable for the UK (xrwtuk1) I have around 2.5% of cases which are '0' weighted. All of the cases I have selected are full interviews, and the '0' weighted cases have a range of sample origins (67% are OSMs). I have read the weighting section of the user manual but I cannot find a reason that matches the data. Please could you advise me on what may be the cause of the '0' weight?

Kind regards,
David Bayliss


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David, Would like to replicate this - please let us know the exact variable names and wave(s). Jakob


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It looks like the weights could be missing in a small proportion of cases. We would like to look into this in more detail and update you once we have got some results.


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The reason for 0 values in cross-sectional weights is most likely due to no OSM within a household having longitudinal main interview non-zero weight in the wave you are looking at. Cross-sectional weights are inferred from longitudinal weights, and if every OSM in a household have 0 longitudinal weights, there is no positive value to infer. As you indicated this is a problem for only a small portion of a sample.

Hope this helps,


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