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Adjusting weights when constructing a calendar year from two waves

Added by Charlotte Bermingham over 1 year ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I'm combining the second half of one wave with the first half of the next wave based on sample month to create a calendar year of data.
Looking at question 12 in the weighting FAQ document, the weights of the second wave date need to be adjusted as they will be under represented.

The FAQ says 'if we pool sample
months 1 to 12 from wave 3 with sample months 13 to 24 from wave 2, the former will
be under-represented (as the responding sample size is smaller at wave 3 than at wave
2). To overcome this, we should scale the weights for these cases to give the same
weighted total that this sample had at wave 2.'

Does this mean that the weights of the second wave used should be adjusted so that the total weights of sample months 1-12 in the second wave used = the total weights of sample months 1-12 in the 1st wave used? Or should the total weights of the whole waves rather than just months 1-12 be used for rescaling? I think the stata code is doing the former but would just like to clarify that I have interpreted this correctly as I'm not sure why the weights are reweighted to the first half of the 1st wave, which is not used in the calendar year dataset.

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