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Time-varying predictor variables at different waves to outcome

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I am using longitudinal models and have a specific question regarding Understanding Society data and a specific way I would like to use variables.

I am looking at the effects of screen usage on wellbeing scores in youth but then some of them move into the main adult survey when they turn 16.

There is a variable called subjective wellbeing which is used in both the youth and the adult survey.

The subjective wellbeing questions are asked at waves 2, 4, 6 and 8 which is useful for me and it means that when individuals move from the youth to the adult survey, they are asked the same questions and it could be a good outcome to use.

My question is- a lot of my predictor variables of interest such as “games console usage”_ypconstm_ gets asked at waves 1,3,5, and 7. And I may potentially use games console usage as a time-varying variable. This is also the case for computer screen usage ypcpgs which gets asked at waves 1,3,5,7. Let’s say I wanted to use one of these as a time-varying variable of interest.

But is it an acceptable practice where some of my preferred predictors don’t occur at the wave of the outcome which is at 2,4,6,8, to then use them in the same model as time varying, when they occur at 1,3,5,7?

Is this normal practice? or is there a name for it? Also, are there any studies that do this which might clarify this question?

Any help would be much appreciated and thank you.

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