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Question about health conditions data

Added by Jack Malde about 3 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

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I would simply like to generate a dummy variable to indicate if the individual has a certain health condition at each wave, a variable that is right there in BHPS. However, rather surprisingly, I’m not seeing how this can be generated in Understanding Society. From what I can see we are provided with the following variables:

Asked to new entrants
hcond: Have you ever had the health condition?
hconds: Do you still have the health condition
hconda: What age were you told you had the health condition?

Asked to people who have been interviewed before
hcondn: Since last interview have you been newly diagnosed with a health condition?

It seems to me that we can tell if new entrants have a particular health condition at each wave by looking at hconds. We can also tell if people who have been interviewed before and didn’t use to have the health condition have it at a particular wave by looking at hcondn.

What I don’t think we can tell is whether people who have in the past indicated that they had a health condition, still have it or not. This seems to be a big omission to me as it may be that people who used to suffer from clinical depression for example no longer do.

Can someone point out where I may be missing something?

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