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h_jbfxuse9 is the variable that people say if they are in a zero hours contracts. These are temporary contracts.
those in permanent employment are coded as being in zero hours contracts. Is this a miscoding or a misreporting e.g. respondents believe that they are in permanent employment or their proxy has reported this?
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Dear Sarah,

You can check whether someone had a full or proxy interview in the variable w_ivfio. In this case, the 186 participants who answered that they are on a zero hours contract and in a permanent job had given a full interview. We will just report what the individual gave as their responses to these questions. If their contact does not have an end date they may see it as permanent.

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Updated by Sarah H almost 5 years ago

Dear Stephanie,
Thank you for the response.
Can I ask if they are a proxy and responded saying 'don't know'. this would be recorded as 'don't know' 'missing' or 'na'.

Best wishes



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If someone is a proxy respondent, and the question was not included in the proxy questionanire then the value of that variable for this person will be -7. But if the question was included in the proxy questionnaire and they responded Don't know then the value of the variable for this respondent will be -1

Please check the questionnaire to see who gets asked a question - the field Universe below the question specifies that.


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