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Dear all,

A few weeks ago we requested data of the UKHSL study, since we think this provides a valuable data source for answering scientific questions.

However, the METADAC told us that we requested non-existing data variables, but did not provide specific comments. Since we selected all the variables from your website, we were a little bit confused about this message and I hoped that someone here could help us with identifying the non-existing variables. I attached the list of requested variables.

Thank you in advance for all your help!



Requested variables UKHSL.xlsx (16.4 KB) Requested variables UKHSL.xlsx Mandy Meijer, 05/14/2019 11:28 AM

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Dear Mandy,

It looks like the problem is that you have asked for variables which are collected for children or from the youth questionnaire, but we only have genetic data available for adults. These variables are the sex and age of child, the questions from the scachilddevelopment module, c_cdphscy, c_chsdq and the variables from the youth questionnaire.

You can find out which individuals we hold genetic data for using the genetics variable in xwavedat.

Best wishes,


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