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A binary variable for children under the age of 7 in a given household

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Dear Alita,
I hope you had a good holiday season. When you get the chance please help me with this one. I would like to define a binary variable equal to one if there is a child or more than one under the age of seven in a given household. My main data set consists of female characteristics and the characteristics of her husband or spouse. Essentially, I have only wives in my main dataset with their characteristics plus their spouses'.
I guess I must look at the w_child files to get the pidp of the child, the birthy of the child and the mnpid, which is the identification of the mother. Now the fun starts. How do I match or merge the information from the w_child files to my main file with wives' pidp only?
Once again I would highly appreciate your help.

Best wishes.



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Many thanks for your enquiry. The Understanding Society team is looking into it and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Best wishes,
Stephanie Auty - Understanding Society User Support Officer


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Dear Nico,

It would be better to start with the w_indall file as all individuals are listed there. Keep the variables you will need (w_hidp, w_age_dv) then create a flag which indicates whether an individual is in the age range you want (0-7):
gen w_age_u7=0
replace w_age_u7=1 if w_age_dv>=0 & w_age_dv<=7

Then use bysort w_hidp: to indicate whether each household contains a child of that age:
gen w_hh_u7=0
bysort w_hidp: replace w_hh_u7=1 if w_age_u7==1 | w_hh_u7[_n-1]==1

Then use another bysort to keep the last record for each household which will contain the correct flag for the household:
bysort w_hidp: keep if _n==_N

Just keep w_hidp and w_hh_u7, and merge this (m:1 or 1:m depending on the order of the files) with the other file you have created using w_hidp.

Best wishes,


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Dear Stephanie,

thank you very much for your help, your step descriptions were very detailed and I think I understand what you were doing.
I now generated the variable and it works just fine.

Best wishes.



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