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09:44 PM Support #178 (Closed): Marital Satisfaction Availability in Wave K?
First, I hope this is the appropriate venue for this. I have asked other people and they steered me here.
I’m tryi...
Spencer James
01:54 PM Support #177 (Closed): SF36 in BHPS and SF12 in UKHLS
I am using UKHLS for its BHPS data along with BHPS. UKHLS has the SF12 health scoring together with the derived PCS a... Emma Salter


12:26 PM Support #176 (Closed): Missing parental data
I'm merging data from the USoc Wave 1 youth questionnaire (a_youth) and the Wave 1 adult individual questionna...
Sam Baars


01:08 PM Support #159 (Closed): Father's social class
we shall update the post if we find more on the issue. Redmine Admin
01:07 PM Support #172 (Closed): racel
Redmine Admin
01:06 PM Support #174 (Closed): Understanding "Missing" in IP data
Redmine Admin


05:33 PM Support #172: racel
XWAVEDAT holds the last valid response of racel.
Redmine Admin
03:47 PM Support #172: racel
I am sorry, I was not clear. I wanted to say that even if you consider the first wave only, xracel has more observati... Giulia Montresor
06:51 AM Support #175: Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
> There is no wave-specific data for participants from 78133491 through ...
Listing *ivfio on XWAVEID I find that ...
Redmine Admin


09:54 PM Support #175: Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
I was able to find wIVFIO. Thank you for pointing that out. However, I'm not sure I understand how a participant coul... Chris Martin
05:53 PM Support #175 (In Progress): Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
I suggest that you also check the interview outcome variables, wIVFIO and wIVFHO.
You will find responses from BHPS ...
Redmine Admin
05:30 PM Support #175 (Closed): Over 24K participants seem to have no waves of data
I'm using BHPS data and I merged xwavedat with xwaveid. Then I merged the resulting file with every wINDRESP f...
Chris Martin


05:29 PM Support #173: Understanding "inapplicable"
We will have to get back to you about the BHPS question - meanwhile; UKHLS is another name for _Understanding Society... Redmine Admin
05:26 PM Support #172: racel
There are new entrants at Wave 2 and some that have only turned 16 years since the Wave 1 interview, etc.
Redmine Admin
05:17 PM Support #171 (Closed): Source: NSFH
Thanks for making us aware of this. The more likely source would be BHPS's
wYPEATN Past week times evening meal w...
Redmine Admin


02:53 PM Support #173: Understanding "inapplicable"
This question was actually concerning the BHPS. I do want to integrate the last two years of Understanding Society da... Chris Martin


06:35 PM Support #174: Understanding "Missing" in IP data
System missing are coded to -9 in the data processing and recoded to missing value codes if this can be infered from ... Redmine Admin
06:25 PM Support #173: Understanding "inapplicable"
If this is a question concerning the UKHLS XWAVEDAT, then this file contains the latest valid response to a given ite... Redmine Admin


07:33 PM Support #174 (Closed): Understanding "Missing" in IP data
When I read the Understanding Society IP User Guide, it was mentioned that -9 is assigned to data that are ...
Vivian So


10:06 PM Support #173 (Closed): Understanding "inapplicable"
This is a general question. I've found that "inapplicable" is a common answer to many questions in the xwavedat datas... Chris Martin
10:26 AM Support #172: racel
I am just using the first wave of Understanding Society and I noticed a difference in the number of observat...
Giulia Montresor
07:46 AM Support #172: racel
racel is only asked of new adult entrants each wave and this information is consolidated together with other stable c... Redmine Admin
07:47 AM Support #170 (Closed): Unable to access full sample size
Redmine Admin


05:32 PM Support #172 (Closed): racel
I was thinking I'd better use the ethnicity variable racel for adults of age 16+ from xwavedat instead ind...
Giulia Montresor


02:03 PM Support #171 (Closed): Source: NSFH
In the questionnaire (UK Household Longitudinal Study: Mainstage Questionnaire:
Wave 1, v04) i have found a questio...
Charlie Owen


02:55 PM Support #170: Unable to access full sample size
The UKDS helpdesk should be able to help you.
Redmine Admin
02:49 PM Support #170: Unable to access full sample size
I believe I may have identified the problem, the link that claims I am downloading wave 1 and 2 on the UK data servic... Madeline Crosswaite
02:11 PM Support #170 (In Progress): Unable to access full sample size
the sample sizes to expect can be gleaned from the tables here:
Redmine Admin
02:04 PM Support #170 (Closed): Unable to access full sample size
Despite having insured it is the main sample (no the innovation panel) and having downloaded it multiple times (in SP... Madeline Crosswaite
11:46 AM Support #155 (Closed): Number of biological children in the household (nnatch)
Redmine Admin
11:46 AM Support #163 (Closed): OMS movers, not resident in wave 2
Redmine Admin
11:45 AM Support #166 (Closed): country of birth
Redmine Admin
11:45 AM Support #168 (Closed): Main survey access
w_gor_dv is the UK Region of the household.
Redmine Admin
11:41 AM Support #164 (Closed): ethnicity
Redmine Admin
11:40 AM Support #154 (Closed): '0' weight in BHPS
Redmine Admin


04:46 PM Support #168: Main survey access

Thank you very much for drawing my attention to this part of the webpage. What I am unable to find in the ...
Kevin Mulligan


10:41 AM Support #155: Number of biological children in the household (nnatch)
Hi Ben
as you know from the study documentation and user guide there were some problems with the collection of the h...
Gundi Knies

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