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Question on the disability module (_disdif1 … _disdif1)

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It's not clear to me if a subject is asked the below question (on the disability module) only upon entering the survey (their first survey) or instead on their first survey as well as on every subsequent survey? Thank you for any help you can give.

Variable name: _disdif1 … _disdif12

(Type of impairment or disability)
Q: Does this/Do these health problem(s) or disability(ies) mean that you have substantial difficulties with any of these areas of your life? Please read out the numbers from the card next to the ones which apply to you. (12 impairments responses listed):
Mobility (moving around at home and walking); lifting, carrying or moving objects; manual dexterity (using hands to carry out everyday tasks); continence (bladder and bowel control); Hearing (apart from using a standard hearing aid); Sight (apart from wearing standard glasses); Communication or speech problems; memory or ability to concentrate, learn or understand; recognising when you are in physical danger; your physical co-ordination (e.g. balance); difficulties with own personal care; other health problem or disability; None of these


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Hello Harry,

The way to figure this out is to go to the questionnaires from the different Waves, search for this variable and look for the Universe and Filtering/Routing. If you search for "disdif" in the Wave 1 questionnaire you will see that it was asked of anyone who said "Health=1". The questions "Health" was asked of everyone. Next if you go to Wave 2, you will see "Health" was also asked of everybody. Similarly for all subsequent waves. You can find the questionnaires:

Alternatively you can search for this variable in the Dataset Documentation within one of the UKHLS INDRESP files:
If you find one of the variables, e.g., a_disdif1, you will see there are W1 W2 W3... links below. If you click on one they will take you to the Wave specific version of the variable (b_disdif1 c_disdif1....)

Hope this helps. If not, please let us know.

Best wishes,


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