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Understanding Society - Housing Conditions

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Dear all,

the BHPS survey included 11 questions about housing conditions.
br_hsprbg - Shortage of space
br_hrprbg - noise from neighbours
br_hrprsb - street noise
br_hsprbq - Vandalism or crime

Unfortunately, I cannot find these questions in the new Understanding Society survey. It is correct, that these questions are not asked anymore ?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Eva,
one way to find out whether a BHPS variable is also included in the Understanding Society questionnaire is to search the Understanding Society PDF questionnaires for the (part of the) question asked "Does your accommodation", or, seeing as the questions were included in the HHRESP files in the BHPS, you can search the UKHLS waves' household modules for the information.

I did the first thing and found the following which may be what you are looking for:
c_noisyn c_grimyn c_crgraf c_crrubsh c_crteen c_crdrnk c_crvand c_crrace c_crburg c_crcar c_crmugg, which are contain the source info "BHPS adapted" in the questionnaire. (All of?) these variables are also included in Wave 6. If you find that any of these are identical to the information carried in the BHPS, do you mind letting us know (as we can then try and harmonise the variables names in the future).

Hope this helps,


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