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Missing Value Analysis

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I'm currently attempting missing value analysis of merged data which comprises HHRESP and INDRESP data from waves 1 - 6. The MVA is stuck on 'running' and has been on that status for several hours. Since this is time consuming, would you advice I run MVA for each wave of data before merging the files?


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Dear Daniel,

Our remit at the User Forum is to answer queries related to Understanding Society data and provide general advice about how to manage the data. Given the number of users we have I'm afraid we cannot advise on individual users' analysis questions.

We do not think this is a data management issue, specifically we do not think that the problem you are encountering has anything to do with Understanding Society data. One colleague offered this advice:
“I suspect (could be wrong) that he has done the merging in an inappropriate way that results in all items for each instrument being missing for the majority of cases (e.g. doing 11 merges in sequence and never dropping _merge==2 cases (or 3, depending on order of merges).

If so, the main problem is the 15 pairwise combinations of hhresp, for each of which there will of course never be any matches. But even if he got that part right, he might have the entire BHPS sample with entirely missing values for all a_indresp variables, not to mention new entrants, ineligibles, etc.”

Best wishes,


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