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BHPS: variable 'feend' from xwavedat

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Dear Support team,
Could you please clarify the difference between 'inapplicable' and 'missing' in 'further education leaving age variable'?
For a large number of individuals this variable is inapplicable but the person is said to have a degree, for example, according to wqfachi.
Is there any other way to deduce the full-time education leaving age other than using 'feend'?
Many thanks!


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Hi Julia,
generally, the meaning of missing values is consistent across all variables. -9 means the information has not been collected by error and -8 means the question was not applicable/ has not been asked by design. FENOW on XWAVEDAT uses information that has been collected in the individual interviews and you can see who it is applicable to by inspecting the question routing field e.g.,

For XWAVEDAT, the information gets updated with the latest available information, i.e. it is recoded to inapplicable when a respondent reports that they left full-time education.

Hope this helps,


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copying over content from #796

Follow-up question (J Borodina)
Thanks! So as far as I understood 'feend' gives an age when a respondent is supposed to leave further education while still in it. Is it correct?
If it is so, how can I find out the age at which all respondents completed their full-time education. Any help would be appreciated!

Response User Support (G Knies)

FEEND on XWAVEDAT reports the age at which the respondent ended further education. There is also a variable SCEND which reports the age left school. I am not sure there is a variable that asks the age the respondent left full-time education; you'd probably want to create this from FEEND and SCEND.
Hope this helps,


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Also you meantioned that 'inapplicable' means that question wasn't asked by design. Could you please clarify why so many people might not have been asked 'feend'?


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Hi Julia,
sorry. I seem to have overlooked your follow-up question here when replying to your follow-up question #796.

In the question documentation (see it explains when the question is asked.

IF (RIVSTAT2 = 0 OR 2 OR 3 AND (RSCHOOL = 1 OR RSCNOW = 2) AND RFETYPE 1-5 AND RFENOW NE 1) Asked if R has never been interviewed before has left or never went to school and has attended full-time and left a further education institution

If this condition does not apply, the wave-specific FEEND is set to -8. This routing applies to each of the waves, and is collated on the XWAVEDAT record. On XWAVEDAT, the question will be -8 "inapplicable" when it has never been applicable in any of the waves.

Does this clarify?


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